Test in Japan (2007)

Taking Images and Enhancement of Dynamic Range


Test Run at the Ibaraki Univ.

A student (W. Kimura) is setting up the camera on the rooftop of our university building


From another angle


Example of the images

test-image sky at MITO

Detailed explanation of the above figures

Raw data for every single time consist of 7 images with a different brightness parameter of the infrared camera ("BR" = -10,0,4,8,12,16,20). The parameter "BR" gets larger, the camera gets more sensitive to the difference in less bright regions. We used the image of "BR"=-10 (1) to determine the brightness level of the temperature standard, which is usually much brighter than the sky and clouds. Other six images (BR= 0 -- 20; (2)-(7)) are for the sky.


Calibration Curve

calibration curve

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